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National Visualization Analytics Consortium

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory provides leadership for the National Visualization and Analytics Consortium (NVAC), a national and international resource that provides strategic leadership and R&D coordination for visual analytics technologies and tools to support the Department of Homeland Security mission to secure our homeland and protect the American people. NVAC comprises partnerships with academia, through Regional Visualization and Analytics Centers (RVACs); partnerships with industry, through the VAC Consortium and Industrial Visualization and Analytics Centers (IVACs); and partnerships with other government agencies, such as the National Science Foundation, and members of the intelligence community. International partners, such as Canada, encourage commerce and address joint security issues. For more information, visit the National Visualization and Analytics Center.

PNWER Public-Private Partnership for Infrastructure Interdependencies

The Pacific NorthWest Economic Region (PNWER) is the only regional planning and facilitation organization set up in statute by the border states and provinces to deal with trans-boundary policy and planning in the Pacific Northwest.

Regional Intelligence Group Support/Washington State Fusion Center

The Center supports the Washington State Fusion Center by providing support to a "technology desk". This support identifies operational and analysts’ needs and conducts testing and evolution of innovative technologies. The Center is also deploying the Scalable Reasoning System that provides a mobile collaborative environment by using smart phones to collect and share data in the field. This Web-based system also possesses analytical tools to expedite information collection, analysis and sharing.

2010 Olympics Security Planning Committee

The purpose of this effort was to ensure seamless mutual response and interoperability for responders cross-border and regionally for the 2010 Olympics held in Vancouver, B.C. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory supported security planning by supplying subject matter expertise to the intelligence, exercise planning, and public affairs sub-committees—tying technology to the needs of end-users.

Area Maritime Security Committee for Puget Sound

The Center is a member of the Area Maritime Security Committee for Puget Sound that helps coordinate planning, information sharing, and other activities to aid the security of the marine transportation system. Members of this committee include port tenants; port labor organizations, carriers, and shippers whose vessels, vehicles, cargoes, and passengers use the port; vessel and port tenant servicing organizations and agents; federal, state, and local law enforcement; and regulatory compliance agencies that have jurisdiction within the maritime environment. Specifically, the Center is on the Technology Subcommittee.

Center for Global Security

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory established the Center for Global Security (CGS) in 1998. CGS catalyzes the development of leading-edge national solutions to emerging and “over-the-horizon” issues, integrating science & technology, policy, and implementation expertise from across the global security community. Activities include interdisciplinary workshops, invited senior-level speakers, and a variety of analytical products. For more information visit the Center for Global Security website.


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