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About Northwest Regional Technology Center

The Center is a virtual resource lead by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that serves northwest region homeland security stakeholders and the communities involved in public safety, preparedness, and response mitigation and recovery. The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is located Richland, Washington. 

The Northwest region includes  Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, and North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming and the territory of Guam. Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) areas within these states include the Seattle, Portland, and Honolulu areas.  However, Center efforts are not restricted to these cities and states, and will continue to operate in many areas outside of the Northwest Region. 

The private sector is engaged with Northwest Regional Technology Center in two ways:

  1. A potential technology user can call with issues, questions, or needs.
    Since much of the technology will need to go through a commercial provider, the Center supports technology transfer, to the commercial market.   This allows private industry to pick up a needed technology and move it forward in the marketplace.
  2. If a private developer of a technology wants to demonstrate their technology and fund the demonstration, the Center will coordinate and conduct demonstrations. The Center will provide a structured protocol for the evaluation and provide a report if the developer is agreeable to results being published in open literature.
    The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is committed to ensure fair and transparent technology evaluations in partnership with the user community.

Emergency preparedness, response, and recovery require technologies that can cross jurisdictions and agency boundaries. Developing and implementing such technologies can be challenging both from a scientific and a funding perspective. The Center coordinates development and optimizes funding resources so that agencies can more easily implement new technologies that improve preparedness, speed response, and encourage recovery. The Center can effectively and efficiently address homeland security issues for which technology is a major part of the solution and connect the technology developers with end-users -- the Center focuses on accelerating the development and deployment of high-priority technology solutions for application in the nation’s Northwest region and the transfer of those solutions to the local, state, and national levels. Through its cross-regional coordination, the Center also aims to foster a collaborative spirit among regional jurisdictions and multiple agencies.  The Center collaborates on technology issues with agencies and jurisdictions through demonstrations and deployment; communicates issues to DHS; and fosters technologies to users to help strengthen their ability to protect, prevent, and recover from disaster.

The Center accomplishes its primary goal of accelerating the development and deployment of effective technologies by:

  • Gathering information from regional contacts, agencies, and responders.

  • Analyzing information to formulate the new technology requirements and needs expressed by regional stakeholders.

  • Sharing information between and among the regional stakeholders including civilian, military and private sectors to verify technology requirements and communicates them to DHS headquarters.

The Center also identifies and leads collaborative programs and projects for the testing, evaluation, and deployment of new and advanced technology solutions.

The Center can help answer your technology questions; coordinate collaborations, training, deployment, or demonstrations; or connect you with the appropriate agency. If we don’t know the answer to your question or need, we’ll find someone who does. There are three ways to contact the Northwest Regional Technology Center:

Phone:  888-DHS-NWRTC (888-347-6983)


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